Create, save and delete your own vessels

Voyage TCE pre-loads 13 vessels for both Tankers and Dry Bulk. However if you wish to use your own vessels for TCE calculation, here's how you could easily do so. Please note for enterprise accounts, all vessels created will be automatically shared with other team members within the same company.

  1. Open My Fleet in the side Menu and tap Add on top right of the screen to create a new vessel

  2. Fill in Vessel Name, DWT and Year of Build and other info if necessary and then open S/C Curves (Speed/Consumption Curves) tab

  3. To enter speed/consumption, tap Add New Consumption button where you may then select laden or ballast and fill in speed/consumption figures for the vessel you created.

  4. Tap Add to save the vessel created and then you should be able to see it under My Fleet

  5. To delete a vessel, simply swipe the row from right to left and then tap Delete button