Calculate TCE for consecutive voyages (Triangulation) in one calculation

Voyage TCE allows users to calculate TCE for ​multiple voyages, i.e. back-haul followed by front-haul or vice versa. Take the typical VLCC Triangulation voyage as an example, MEG/USG-USG/China: 

In this case, users need to insert an Open Port between the last disport of the previous voyage (Loop) and the first loadport of the proceeding voyage (Galveston).  Otherwise, the App will take them all as just for one single voyage.

Note: for Tankers, laytime, turn time and extra days should be the sum of all consecutive voyages. For instance, laytime for MEG/USG is 120 hours while USG/China is 168 hours, so users should fill in 288 hours for laytime.