Customized both for Tankers and Dry Bulk

A truly modern and user friendly mobile application makes calculating TCEs on the road easier than ever.

Shipping professionals deserve a better mobile solution.

Add Ports and Select Routes with One Tap

Simple but Powerful

One-tap to add multiple cargoes for parcel loading/discharging or consecutive voyages, i.e. combining front-haul and back-haul. 

Add, delete and change the sequence of ports with comprehensive way-points options powered by industry recognized distance providers

  • Look up latest bunker prices or manually input

  • Easily change performing vessel to load up pre-saved speed consumption curves

  • Manually override pre-loaded speed and consumption figures both for at sea and in port

Quick and Accurate

Smart Analysis

Automated charts and sensitivity table work both for tankers (in WS) and dry bulk carriers.  Voyage TCE gives you the quick analysis you need.

TCE Result and Reverse Calculation in one-touch

Easily lookup the required Freight Rate for the TCE you want and copy your breakeven Freight Rate directly to your calculation.

What's more...

Save Your Fleet

Voyage TCE pre-loads 13 Baltic-Index vessels for both tankers and bulkers accross all sizes. Users may also opt to save their own vessels in the App for future use, including vessel name, year of built, dwt, loadables (for bulkers) and full speed and consumption curves.

Team Collaboration

All calculations created will be instantly shared among all team members within the same company. Team members may view calculations created by colleagues and can copy their calculation to make their own modifications.

Voyage Settings

Voyage Settings provide users with the flexibility to set default parameters i.e.  commission, sea margin, loading / discharging terms and speeds (for bulkers) to save time and effort for future calculations. 

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